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Islamic History and Medicine in Trans Muslim Lives

by guest contributor Shireen Hamza

Annulling the Marriage of Two Men: A Marginal Note in a Yemeni Manuscript

by guest contributor Shireen Hamza

Impermanent Dwellings: Bookstores and Feminist Approaches to History

by contributing editor Brooke Palmieri It would make an amazing opening sequence to a film: the camera catches the glint of chrome, leather, motorcycle, boots, asphalt. A helmet is secured, and a stack of books and belongings piled onto the… Continue Reading →

Dissenting voices: positive/negative: HIV/AIDS in NYU’s Fales Library

By guest contributor Mia D’Avanza A screen-printed poster with the familiar Coca-Cola logo, reading “Enjoy AZT”, greeted visitors to the recent show positive/negative: HIV/AIDS at NYU’s Tracey/Barry Gallery. The poster, produced for AIDS activist group ACT UP, alters the Coke logo… Continue Reading →

The Gay Past and the Intellectual Historian

by Emily Rutherford In the papers this week was the news (slow, it seems, to come to the mainstream media’s attention) that, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, University of British Columbia graduate student Justin O’Hearn helped to fund the UBC… Continue Reading →

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