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People Think: The Radical Egalitarianism of Sylvain Lazarus

By Duncan Stuart

On Walter Benjamin’s Concept of History

By Dibyokamal Mitra

The Poetics of Existential Crossroads: Navigating Modernity through Kiarostami’s Cinema

By Adnan Mahmud

The Vulgar Expression of Being: Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, and other Abled Bodies

By Susannah Leigh

Marin Mersenne on the Consolation of Sad Music

By Jacomien Prins

Behind the Angel of History: An Interview with Annie Bourneuf

By Benjamin Beese and Matthew Johnson

Broadly Speaking: An Interview with Charlotta Forss

Charlotta Forss in discussion with Cynthia Houng about her recent JHI article, “Mapping Atlantis: Olof Rudbeck and the Use of Maps in Early Modern Scholarship”

Three responses to Samuel Moyn’s “Hannah Arendt among the Cold War Liberals”

By Seyla Benhabib, Andrew Gibson, and Artur Banaszewski

Broadly Speaking: An Interview with Gianamar Giovannetti-Singh

Gianamar Giovannetti-Singh in discussion with Alexander Collin about his recent JHI article, “Astronomical Chronology, the Jesuit China Mission, and Enlightenment History”

Announcing the JHI’s 2022 Morris D. Forkosch Book Prize Winner

Every year, the Journal of the History of Ideas awards the Morris D. Forkosch Prize for the best first book in intellectual history. 

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