Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
Jennifer Schuessler, “Greek New Testament Papyrus is Discovered on eBay” (NYT)
Richard Holmes, “The Greatness of William Blake” (NYRB)
Gabriel Rolfe, “Art as Knowledge?” (TLS Blog)
Patrick Vinton Kirch, “When Hawaii was Ruled by Shark Gods” (NYRB)
Rona Cran, “Multifaceted James Baldwin” (TLS)
Finally, Richard Calis and I wrote a piece on transatlantic reading for the Junto this week.
Pierre Assouline, « L’adieu à l’Histoire de Régis Debray » (La République des livres)
JHI Blog contributor Richard Calis and editor Madeline McMahon, “The Winthrops and Their Books: A Transatlantic Tale” (The Junto)
Udi Greenberg, “A Critical Life and the Politics of Biography” (The Benjamin Project)
Durs Grünbein, »Die Schuluhr« (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)
Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, »Was soll man jetzt noch mit der Vergangenheit anfangen?« (FAZ Blogs)
Richard Holmes, “The Greatness of William Blake” (NYRB)
Robert Hughes, “My Friend Robert Rauschenberg” (NYR Daily)
Kelly McFall, interview with Nicholas Stargardt on his new book The German War: A Nation Under Arms, 1939-1945 (New Books in History)
Alex Toledano, “The Uncommon Resilience of Parisian Street Life” (NY Times Magazine)
Martin Walser, »Der Muthmacher« (FAZ)
And finally, the great filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s early Apu illustrations (Criterion Current)
Mary Beard, Smalle Latine and Lesse Greeke (A Don’s Life) and Grammar School Gripes (TLS)
Dan-el Padilla Peralta, Barbarians at the Gate, Part I and Part II (Eidolon)
John Mullan, Full of Glory: The Inklings (LRB)
Angele Rosenberg, Emanscapation: Between the Public and the Pubic in Ancient Greece (Eidolon)
Gregory Hays, What’s So Great About the Greeks? (NYRB)
Tamson Pietsch, Roads After Rhodes (Cap and Gown)
What is Democratic Socialism?” (Dissent)
Adam Gopnik, “Practicing Doubt, Redrawing Faith” (On Being)
Michael Lind, “Why I am Not a Radical” (The Smart Set)
Eric Liu, “How to be American” (Democracy)
Margot Minardi, “Major Problems in American Democracy” (Common-Place)
Dan Barrow, “Dispatches from a Dematerialized World: Joseph Cornell at the Royal Academy” (LARB)
Mike Cummings  “Beinecke Library acquires ‘treasure trove’ of medieval manuscripts from a famed ‘book breaker’ ” (YaleNews)
Dale Eisinger, “Cocaine, Occupy, and drag: The last book edited by the head of the Grove Press empire” (Hopes & Fears)
Tara Hart, “How Do You Archive the Sky?” (Archive Journal)
Orit Mohammed, “Liberation Through Writing: A Conversation with Safia Elhillo” (Blavity)
Alexander Chee, “Heartbreak Hotel” (New Republic)
Alex Chertok, “Tension Mounting” (Ploughshares)
Mike Cummings, “Yale University Acquires ‘Treasure Trove’ of Medieval Manuscripts from Otto Ege” (
Mark Humphries, “The Paris Attacks and the Abuse of History” (Historian on the Edge)
Roberta Mazza, “A Scholarly Revelation: The Gospel of Mary” (Faces & Voices)
Justin Croft’s November E-List
James Romm, “Hot Flanks and Her Sisters” (LRB)
Printers on Ice” (Houghton Library Blog)
Elizabeth Ott, “Ahoy, Savoy!” (The Chapel Hill Rare Book Blog)
Leonard Gardner, Fat City (recently reissued by NYRB)
Martin Filler, “America’s Green Giant” (New York Review of Books)
Kathryn Schulz, “The Ten Best Weather Events in Fiction” (New Yorker)
Steven Strogatz, “Einstein’s First Proof” (New Yorker)