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Islam Near the Turn of the Century: Jamal al-Din and Religious Paradox

by Niels Lee

MoMA from Modernity into the Post Modern

By guest contributor Edward Maza In a 1953 letter, Alfred H. Barr Jr.—the founding director of New York’s Museum of Modern Art—wrote: “in our civilization with what seems to be a general decline in religious, ethical, and moral convictions, art… Continue Reading →

Variations on a Theme by Puccini: Theologizing La fanciulla del West

By Editor Spencer J. Weinreich “Whiskey per tutti!” “Benvenuto fra noi, Johnson di Sacramento!” “Una buona giornata per Wells Fargo!” (Puccini 11, 23, 50). La fanciulla del West (“The Girl of the West”), Giacomo Puccini’s opera set in the Wild… Continue Reading →

How did Catholics Embrace Religious Liberty?

By guest contributor Udi Greenberg This post is a companion piece to Prof. Greenberg’s article in the most recent issue of the Journal of the History of Ideas, “Catholics, Protestants, and the Tortured Path to Religious Liberty.” A series of recent… Continue Reading →

Reading Saint Augustine in Toledo

By Editor Spencer J. Weinreich In his magisterial history of the Reformation, Diarmaid MacCulloch wrote, “from one perspective, a century or more of turmoil in the Western Church from 1517 was a debate in the mind of long-dead Augustine.” MacCulloch… Continue Reading →

Miscarriage, Auspicious Birth, and the Concept of Tulkuhood in Tibet

By guest contributor Kristin Buhrow The selection of successors to political and religious leadership roles is determined by different criteria around the world. In the Himalayas, a unique form of determining succession is used: the concept of Tulkuhood. Based in Tibetan… Continue Reading →

The Historian Rudolf Hospinian

by guest contributor William Theiss The 1517 book On Gems by Erasmus Stella, a doctor and mythologist from Leipzig, never enjoyed a wide readership—though two hundred years later it was enough in demand to merit a reprint. It takes its… Continue Reading →

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