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Love, Strife, and Laughter: How to Achieve Political Consciousness Beyond the Nation State

by Julian Tepfers

Marxism and Religion: A Reply to Graham Priest

By guest contributor, Jake Newcomb Last year, philosopher Graham Priest published an article in the Journal of the American Philosophical Association titled “Marxism and Buddhism: Not Such Strange Bedfellows.” In the article, Priest aimed to highlight the complementary elements of… Continue Reading →

Nomadic Thought and the Creation of New Utopias

by guest contributor Anne Schult

How do we understand each other? The Contemporary Relevance of Cassirer’s and Heidegger’s Historic Disputation at Davos

By contributing editor Andrew Hines How do human beings understand each other? This question has both a linguistic and a political dimension. Last month, as world leaders gathered at the Swiss town of Davos for the Annual Meeting of the World… Continue Reading →

Cousin de Grainville’s The Last Man, or the Impossibility of Thought

By guest contributor Audrey Borowski In his L’Oraison funèbre en l’honneur des citoyens tombés of August 10, 1792, the French writer and priest Cousin de Grainville preached a funeral oration full of revolutionary fervour for those killed during a recent insurrection…. Continue Reading →

What We’re Reading: September, Part 2

Kristin While generally accustomed to questions more politically utilitarian than philosophical, my recent studies have led to a new forest of questions which I am having all too much fun exploring.  These questions surround the concept of leadership. In a… Continue Reading →

“Every Man is a Quotation from all his Ancestors:” Ralph Waldo Emerson as a Philosopher of Virtue Ethics

By guest contributor Christopher Porzenheim Even the smallest display of virtuous conduct immediately inspires us. Simultaneously we: admire the deed, desire to imitate it, and seek to emulate the character of the doer. […] Excellence is a practical stimulus. As… Continue Reading →

The Archive is Burning: Walter Benjamin in Brazil

By guest contributor Niklas Plaetzer  Walter Benjamin never left Europe, yet his writings have had a remarkable impact on critical thought around the globe. As Edward Said suggested, the dislocation of an idea in time and space can never leave its… Continue Reading →

Collective Memory, the Public Sphere, and the Remote Historical Past

by guest contributor Jeffrey A. Barash

Working Through Collective Memory

by guest contributor Asaf Angermann

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